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Cancellation Policy

While we know nobody wants to miss out on a vacation like this, things happen. Here are our cancellation policies.

Everyone hates to lose money, so we highly recommend a travel insurance plan. Ask us about what they cover and the costs.

We highly recommend travel insurance and have several providers that we can offer you a custom quote based on your needs and coverage desires.

What is the cancellation policy? (2023 Cruise)

Standard cabins

Up to 1/1/23 - NO PENALTY*

1/1/23  to 4/1/23- $50 pp penalty

4/2/23 to 5/1/23 - $250 pp penalty
After 5/1 - FULL PENALTY

Suites cancellation policy:

Up to 3/1/23 - $250 pp penalty
3/2/23 to 6/1/23 - $350 pp penalty

After 6/1 - FULL PENALTY

* Note: Cancellation penalties may be more for any cabins booked with a promotional or Non Refundable Deposit rate

Hotel Cancellation - No charge up to 6/1
After 6/1/23 - $25 per room penalty
After 8/1/23- Full Penalty

If you purchased a travel insurance policy, please refer to your policy for refund guide lines

Processing or payment plan fees are not refundable.


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